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Workers' compensation claims can create expense and uncertainty for any company. For many employers, a workers' compensation insurance provider will hire a lawyer to defend against a claim. There are situations, however, in which an employer will need to work directly with an attorney.

For example, when an employee files a claim of discrimination or retaliation, that claim is not covered under workers' compensation insurance. Employee claims of serious and willful misconduct may also expose an employer to substantial liability. The employer in these cases would be well-advised to hire an attorney to protect the business's interests.

When considering which lawyer to defend your company against a workers' compensation claim, understand that your lawyer's skill and experience matter a great deal. Since 1974, employers throughout California have placed their trust in Gray & Prouty, A Professional Law Corporation.

Taking Decisive Action For Employers

We focus our practice on defending against workers' compensation claims. Our practice involves defending against claims of discrimination or retaliation, known as 132a claims, and serious and willful misconduct claims. While our firm works with workers' compensation insurance carriers, much of our practice involves directly representing employers.

If your company is facing a 132a claim, a serious and willful misconduct claim or some other type of claim, we are ready to deliver the highest levels of legal representation.

Our Goals Are Your Goals

Each of our attorneys has substantial experience defending against workers' compensation claims, which has developed our intuitive understanding of client concerns. We strive to resolve cases on favorable terms, while minimizing the costs of litigation. Our law firm is also a strong resource for workers' compensation appeals.

Whatever your situation, we will do everything possible to create value and protect your interests.

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