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Attorneys Bill Gray and Gehring Prouty formed our law firm in 1974 with the objective of providing employers with the highest caliber of representation in workers' compensation defense. Since our firm's inception, we have risen to the ranks of California's leading workers' compensation defense firms.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

When you work with us, you can have confidence knowing that our team has honed our skills over many decades of practice. We are adept at identifying the key issues and creating effective defense strategies. By doing so, we can provide effective, economical representation.

John Welch

John Patrick Welch, managing partner in Southern California, has practiced law since 1978. Over this time, he has devoted his entire practice to workers' compensation defense and defending against 132a claims and serious and willful misconduct claims. He joined our firm in 1987 and became a partner in 1988. Mr. Welch is based out of our Orange office and represents employers and insurance companies throughout Southern California.

Chris CooleyChristopher A. Cooley, managing partner in Northern California, has spent his entire legal career at Gray & Prouty, working here since 1997. His cases include work on 132a claims and serious and willful misconduct claims as well as the usual issues in regard to workers' compensation defense. Mr. Cooley manages our San Luis Obispo location and appears on behalf of employers and insurance companies throughout Central and Northern California.

In addition, several attorneys serving the firm in an "of counsel" capacity are listed below. Taken together, our team has the depth and breadth of experience necessary to serve your interests.

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Of Counsel

  • John R. Banks

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