Strong Advocacy In Workers’ Compensation Appeals

When an employee makes a workers' compensation claim, the employer or its insurer has the choice to accept or reject liability within 90 days. If the employer rejects the claim, the next step may be for the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) to hear the claim.

Defending a claim before the WCAB is a challenging matter, requiring lawyers who have a full command of the legal and factual issues involved. We are the attorneys of Gray & Prouty. Employers and insurance companies throughout California have relied on our law firm to provide quality legal representation in all aspects of workers' compensation defense.

There are dozens of WCAB locations across the state. Our law firm appears at any WCAB location from our Central Coast location.

Careful Analysis And Timely Action In Workers' Compensation Claims

Every one of our cases begins with a thorough review of the legal and factual issues, supported by our own investigation as necessary. With this review completed, we will develop the strongest possible defense to these claims. We have substantive experience representing employers facing allegations related to retaliation or discrimination for filing workers' compensation (Labor Code Section 132a claims) and serious and willful misconduct claims.

We understand the importance of working quickly and keeping our clients informed of all developments. Our lawyers will always return phone calls no later than 24 hours and will always provide a report of your WCAB hearing the same day of the hearing.

In the event of an adverse ruling at a WCAB hearing or if the employee appeals, we can represent you in the Courts of Appeal or even the Supreme Court if necessary. Our experience and knowledge of these issues help give our clients every chance of success.

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